Welcome to the "To Be" Books by Vivi Dee

Dear Parent

The writing of these TO BE books was inspired  by a child

asking the simple question “why is there a cow  on the milk carton?”

It made me realise that many children in the world today have

little or no idea or concept of where their food comes from. This in turn

led me to explore a child's relationship with plants, animals, insects and

the world in general.

You will notice, as you read these books that they are all written in the

first tense. This allows children to relate more fully with the various

characters within the pages.

In adding the quirky, humourous parts to the story I hope to give those reading these books a sense of how much fun the animals, plants, insects etc. can offer us on our journey through this wonderful world and also highlight how basically useful they are to us. If you have enjoyed reading this book, leave a comment on Guestbook and tell others of your enjoyment.

                                               Thank You

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